Hot as Hell Sauce Taste Test

As you know, ShipRocked likes it hot so, to kick off the official start of summer, we're gonna test which hot sauces of rock deliver the burn. We've assembled a star-studded Scoville Scale worthy lineup of fire-breathing condiments so masks off, we're having a wingding and it's gonna be hot as hell!

ShipRocked 1.01

Attention Class! Beginner to Expert ShipRocker student attendance is strongly recommended for SR101 tonight at 7:00 PM-ET!

Lineup Additions + The Stowaways!

ShipRocked's tribal leaders gathered around this cool new thing called fire and agreed that we should have even more music for our Winter Migration... Safety in numbers, right?! 

Holiday Bingo!

Bingo Balls, Bingo Balls
Bingo All the Way
Oh, What Fun It Is To Try
To Get the Hosts Make Calls So We Can Play
Hey, Bingo Balls, Bingo Balls
Bingo All the Way