Captain's Suite Raffle

We are raffling off a Captain-worthy prize package, which includes a stateroom upgrade to the swanky Grand Suite, a private condo at Playa Mia in Cozumel during our beach party, Platinum VIP passes, and private dining with the artists!

The Breeze Report ASK4 Staff Q&A

Your friendly staff here at ASK4 recently had the chance to sail on our rock vessel, The Breeze, and have returned to land ready to report all the ins & outs of sailing in a post-quarantine world. Join the Captain and his crew as they give you the rundown on what you can expect on the boat for SR22, answer your questions, take song requests, and probably not much more this Thursday night!

Health & Safety Protocol Update

As meteor season comes to a close and summer turns to fall, we continue to prepare for our migration to warmer climates. ShipRocked 2022 will be our most incredible adventure yet, and we can't wait to gather together again in January! In the meantime, here is some very important and time-sensitive information about the Health & Safety protocols for your cruise.

ShipDocked '90s Rock BINGO!

With fall flannel season setting in, we're getting a bit nostalgic for a simpler, grungier time known as the '90s... We're digging out our CD players and queuing up our sweetest mixtapes for a night of '90s BINGO or whatever.

Enter To Win!

Blue Ridge Rock Festival Island Castaways, we know you love being marooned with dozens of your favorite rock bands, so come rock the seas as a stowaway on ShipRocked Cruise with a chance to win a FREE OCEAN-VIEW CABIN FOR TWO! 

Hot as Hell Sauce Taste Test

As you know, ShipRocked likes it hot so, to kick off the official start of summer, we're gonna test which hot sauces of rock deliver the burn. We've assembled a star-studded Scoville Scale worthy lineup of fire-breathing condiments so masks off, we're having a wingding and it's gonna be hot as hell!

ShipRocked 1.01

Attention Class! Beginner to Expert ShipRocker student attendance is strongly recommended for SR101 tonight at 7:00 PM-ET!