Shiprocked 2025 - Miami Saint Thomas Half Moon Cay - January 19-25 2025

Shiprocked 2025 - Miami Saint Thomas Half Moon Cay - January 19-25 2025

The Experience

It's Gonna Be Righteous!

Retro Paradise

Stoked by the sound of Sun, Sea, Spandex, and Skully? Totally! Get ready to, like, ditch the drama of modern day life and ride the ShipRocked Retrowaves back to a brighter, more bodacious time! 2025? Gag us with a Spoon. Give us '85 and some Rock & Roll to feel alive! 

Join us on the acid-washed decks for some wicked tunes and to take a chill pill in the Caribbean for a bitchin' week-long party! Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to Rock Hard & Vacation Harder once in a while, you could miss it! 


Six Neon-Soaked Days & Nights

January 19-25

Setting sail January 19-25, 2025 from Miami to sun-kissed paradise in St. Thomas, USVI and Half Moon Cay, Bahamas! 

Carnival's DeLorean will transport us back in time to headband-bang with the raddest in rock, partake in some totally awesome artist-hosted activities, and witness Swatch & scrunchie sporting fashion assassins kill it on theme nights!

Top Guns & Rubiks Newbs, all you gotta say is… I want my SR25! 


Rock hard and vacation harder with ShipRocked’s killer lineup of performers!


Theme nights, artist hosted events and activities, plus so much more!


More than just a bitchin' music festival, ShipRocked is an epic vacation!

Time Machine

Sail aboard Carnival’s Magic for 6-days and nights of music, sun and fun!


Shiprocked completely ruins any other music festival you will ever go to. Nothing else can even compete.

Brian W.

Shiprocked is something that words can not describe. It is a feeling.

Cecil K.

It’s like therapy for the soul! No matter what differences we have and how bad the real world is, when we step on board it all goes away!

Cindy M.

There are no strangers on ShipRocked, only friends and family you haven’t met yet! More amazing every year I go!

Evelyn K.

Once you’ve tasted ShipRocked, every other vacation is bland.

Heather B.

Shiprocked honestly changed my life. I’ve met the most incredible people who have become part of my family. Best. Vacation. Ever.

Heather S.

ShipRocked....where I found My Tribe, My Vibe, and Came Alive!

Jean K.

Shiprocked is a real life choose your own adventure with the best soundtrack ever.

Jenna I.

I don't Go on Shiprocked for vacation, Shiprocked is where I go home.

Josh G.

ShipRocked has ruined me for other cruises, any music festivals or even other vacations. Uniquely awesome!

Linda R.

After two hours I was hooked. That was seven years ago.

Madelen K.

LIFE changing, never knew I could be a part of such a great family and I miss it every day!

Alexis B.

ShipRrocked is the only place I can fully just be *me*, find love and acceptance, make new friends and family, and connect with musicians whose work has changed my life in amazing ways.

Katie B.

The shining light that pulls me through the darkest hours of my year.

Ryan F.

ShipRocked is a fully immersive music experience, unlike anything I’ve ever done in my life!

Susie T.


Ship's Full, Dude!

Righteous! ShipRocked 2025 is sold out! But fear not, there still a good chance you can rock out on the high seas in January!