ShipRocked 2022 B.C.

The Experience

An Adventure 12 Million + 1 Years In The Making...

Welcome To ShipRocked 2022 B.C.

Calling all Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons, and nomadic tribes of Bipeds... Pack up your pelts, clubs, and fire, and join us for a trip back, way back, to the dawn of the ShipRockolithic Period, when Missing Links survived on mixed drinks and rocked the stone age harder than a wooly mammoth after the meteor.

For 5 days and nights we will roam and rage across the seas with an epic Lineup of savage creatures, while doing our best to walk upright and not go extinct.

Fear Not Clever Guests… Life will not be contained! ShipRocked will find a way!

Limited Caves Remain - On Sale Now!


A Mass Migration of Music & Mayhem

January 22-27, 2022
Galveston + Costa Maya + Cozumel

The ShipRocked vacation evolution continues as our herd of cruise-dwellers travel on the Carnival Breeze from Galveston, Texas to Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico... Near where that fireball caused the dinosaur extinction, but we don't talk about that!


ShipRocked’s soundtrack is the biggest and loudest since the dawn of time...


Theme Nights, Artist hosted Events & Activities & so much more!


More than just a kick-ass music festival, ShipRocked is an epic vacation!

The Ship

Sail onboard Carnival’s Breeze for 5-days and nights of music, sun and fun!


LIFE changing, never knew I could be a part of such a great family and I miss it every day!

Alexis B.

ShipRocked is an up close and personal experience with artists and fellow fans that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the entire world ❤️ It’s my happy place!

Caroline H.

Family. Sun. Rock & Roll. Beer. In no particular order.

John T.

Every year I work 51 weeks so I can go home for 1

Josh G.

ShipRrocked is the only place I can fully just be *me*, find love and acceptance, make new friends and family, and connect with musicians whose work has changed my life in amazing ways.

Katie B.

My one week a year when I don't have to adult.

Neil H.

The shining light that pulls me through the darkest hours of my year.

Ryan F.

Seriously the only ship that Rocks!

Joanne C.

Shiprocked is the one place in my life where I fit in, I’m not the only one with tattoos, colored hair and obsessed with music!

Sandy C.

ShipRocked is a fully musical immersive experience, unlike anything I’ve ever done in my life!

Susie T.


ShipDocked '90s Rock BINGO!

With fall flannel season setting in, we're getting a bit nostalgic for a simpler, grungier time known as the '90s... We're digging out our CD players and queuing up our sweetest mixtapes for a night of '90s BINGO or whatever.

Enter To Win!

Blue Ridge Rock Festival Island Castaways, we know you love being marooned with dozens of your favorite rock bands, so come rock the seas as a stowaway on ShipRocked Cruise with a chance to win a FREE OCEAN-VIEW CABIN FOR TWO! 

Hot as Hell Sauce Taste Test

As you know, ShipRocked likes it hot so, to kick off the official start of summer, we're gonna test which hot sauces of rock deliver the burn. We've assembled a star-studded Scoville Scale worthy lineup of fire-breathing condiments so masks off, we're having a wingding and it's gonna be hot as hell!

ShipRocked 1.01

Attention Class! Beginner to Expert ShipRocker student attendance is strongly recommended for SR101 tonight at 7:00 PM-ET!