In addition to everything your floating luxury resort has to offer – spa, casino, fitness center, mini-golf, gift-shops, waterslide, pool and hot-tubs – the ShipRocked experience includes a full slate of artist hosted events, contests, games and other wet and wild activities for you to enjoy.

30 Seconds To Shred, Or Die

The legendary Shred Contest is back and ready to consume your soul! Think you have what it takes to defeat Ralph Macchio? Face-off at the Crossroads, The Music Experience Lounge, presented by American Musical.

Artist Q&A

Settle in dear ones, an array of talented musical mortals will be haunting you with scary stories of fame, fortune, glitzy and gruesome tour travels, and just may settle the afterlife’s biggest question: Jason or Freddy

Band Feud

Let’s see which band studied their SR24 Handbook for the Recently Deceased in hopes of channeling the ShipRocker hive mind and their terrifyingly illogical survey answers. The losing band gets cursed by the horde of witches monopolizing the hot tubs for the 2nd day in a row.

Beach Wars

Come for the team camaraderie. Stay for the bumps and bruises that may draw blood. Remember the fortuitous words etched on Lord Skully’s family crest: Morior Invictus - Death before Defeat. No pressure, but that translates to only winners make it off the beach alive. Resorts World Beach in Bimini

Beer Pong

Trust us, you haven’t unlived until you’ve tried a neck full of warm Modelo Especial Blood, so this tourney is a must-lurk for you! Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early if you want to join the fun and play with your food first! Non-alcoholic beverages will be available to substitute.

Belly Flop

Always give 100% in everything you do, unless you’re giving blood or entering ShipRocked’s wettest athletic challenge. So give the flop just enough for a monstrous splash, but don’t sink into the watery depths and end up face to face with The Creature. There is no returning from his black lagoon.


The Dark Lord Skully’s OCD cousin, Count Von Count has taken charge of the number calling, and is ready to give you 3 chances to win big money, easy as B1, N2, G3! We compel you to purchase cards 30 minutes prior each game or else... AH AH AH AH!

Blackjack Tournament

Do the Dark Lord’s bidding by day and reap the rewards by night. Feeling unlucky? Swing by the witches brewing in the hot tub to get yourself a spell of fortune to make your Blackjack games pay off! A celebrity guest will join you at the final table, should you make it out of the prelims alive! Signup at the Casino cage (Deck 5-MID)

Body Parts Eating Contest

Does the Buffet line go on for so long that you’re hungry enough to eat an arm and a leg? Have we got the contest for you! ShipRocked’s newest meat hut will make you scream! The dress code is a blindfold and no gag reflex. Dig in like Dr. Lecter with a 6-course meal Bon Body Parts Appetit!

Captain’s Quarters

Count Von Skully’s right-hand henchman recounts lifetimes of lore, wisdom, experience, and fun facts about ShipRocked’s journey from ashes to ascension. Maybe someone should ask him why those murky witches are conjuring freely in the hot tubs!?

Charity Auction

Even the supernatural creatures have yet to conquer the formidable beast of Cancer. So the next best thing is to open your hearts & dusty wallets and sacrifice some of that vast wealth and fortune accumulated over many lifetimes to the cause to eradicate it. Cancer Sucks, and Bites!  Hosted by Elias Soriano of Nonpoint

Deck Wars

Four teams of the undead will be assembling for a war that will determine the fate of the ruling Demon Dynasty. There are things far worse than death. Things like 2nd place. So muster up something monstrous, and please, no tears. It's such a waste of good suffering. 

Drunk Spelling Bee

Dead and Undead, come relive your grade school glory, but with shots of Fireball. You’re a winner whether you actually win, lose or loose. Contestants will drink before and after they spell. Sometimes mid-spelling. The last round will likely end up taking place on the F-L-O-O-R.

Duets Karaoke Contest

ShipRocked Stage dwellers this is your time to shine, or make the rest of us shudder. Artist + guest. Monster duo vs Monster duo. Can you hold your own and hypnotize the audience to be the last ghoul standing? Or maybe just focus on trying to remember all the words and hit the notes.

Fan Jam

You wanted the Jam, you've got the Jam, fam! Throat coat those rotting vocal cords, and gather up your sticks, axes, and limbs. Then gather together with your fellow monsters of rock in the Spotlight Aft-Lounge for a (hopefully not too spooky) ShipRocked Fan Jam! Instruments, amps, drums, etc., will be provided. For more info, visit The Music Experience once onboard. 

Fastest Feet Contest

The Music Experience Fastest Feet Contest is an electrifying competition that challenges participants to showcase their running away from Zombie skills in the form of double kick pedal prowess! The ultimate victor is crowned based on the sheer velocity and dexterity of their frighteningly fast footwork!

Glamor Ghouls SFX Makeup Demo

Florida-based SFX makeup artist Jamie Rose Fazekas is here to guide you recently deceased ghouls and goblins through a pro tutorial on how to embrace glitz and glamor even if you’re a monster locked in a pit or have a face that’s been pulverized with a sledgehammer.

Karaoke Nights

Come shriek and dance like a freak with the all killer, no filler playlist brought to you by the creeps of Karaokings, during both live and standard karaoke nights throughout the cruise.

Meet & Greets

There will be multiple photo-only meet and greet opportunities throughout the cruise. ShipRocked’s photographers will take all of the photos for you, and the photos will be posted on our Facebook and Flickr pages following the cruise. 

The Quest

The wild, raunchy, hilarious shenanigans that go on after dark are one of those things you just have to witness in person, then never speak of again in the light of day. It’s the most shocking spookshow on the ship, and will haunt you forever.

Scream Queen Contest

Who among you has the lung power to jump-scare the undead? Come shriek on demand and the SR brood will decree one lucky winner the undisputed horror heir to the legendary Janet Leigh.

Singles Midnight Mingle

Can’t find a Dr Frankstein mad scientist to create a mate for you? Come check out the pre-made monsters and mash together

Tarot Card Readings

Our good friend and Stowaway Angela Lese, aka the “Tamachick,” is a drummer with a strong intuition and passion to help others gain the clarity they seek for any given situation. Whether it’s career guidance, relationship insight, or clarity on day-to-day concerns, the Tamachick is here to help find the answers you seek! Appointments will be taken onboard on a first-come, first-served basis.

Trick Or Treat Trading

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Sweet to Keep. Put on your best Newb or Survivor costume and fill your pillowcase with spooky SR24 souvenir trinkets to take home and always remember these best bloodthirsty times with your brood. 

Trivia Contests

Terrifying trivia contests will be held daily in Ocean Plaza, with subjects ranging from Music, to Scary Movies and the Supernatural.

Truth or Drink

Brace yourself for a dangerous dirty night as Artists and guests face-off in a game where they must reveal their deepest, darkest secrets or be scaredy-cats by downing some liquid courage instead. The last two contestants left sober enough to stand will win.


Wake up early and start your day with some dark-spirited yoga with the ladies from Daayani Yoga. Release and channel a demon or two during your downward dog. Limited yoga mats available so bring along a beach towel just in case!

Zombie Beauty Pageant

Eat your brains out, Miss Universe! The hottest recently-deceased, rotting meat sack dragging their bones around this boat will be crowned. The Miss ShipRocked Zombie competition is an inclusive celebration of all corpse genders, cultures, backgrounds, and states of decay. Good luck to all of our cannibal competitors!