ShipRocked 2024 is currently booked to capacity. BUT, before you let out that blood curdling scream, we want to assure you that stateroom cancellations will occur as we approach the sailing date! You still have a chance to join us next February by signing up for a spot on our priority Waiting List.

Here is how the Waiting List works:

  1. Select the stateroom category and occupancy you desire, based on the number of guests you will have in your cabin. Single guests should select Double as their desired occupancy. 
    We only need one name and one deposit for your Priority Waitlist reservation. You will be able to add your guests' name and pay their deposits when we contact you to confirm your cabin reservation.
  2. Make a single deposit of $150. Please note that this deposit is non-refundable, except in the event we are unable to find a stateroom for you before the close of business on January 26, 2024. Please be sure to read the full SR24 Waiting List Terms & Conditions below.
  3. As staterooms become available, they will be offered to guests in the order they joined the waiting list, for the category and occupancy requested only. If we are able to confirm a stateroom for you, your deposit will credit towards the total balance of your reservation.
  4. If we cannot accommodate your stateroom request by January 26th, we will automatically refund you within 14 days of completing ShipRocked 2024 via the credit card on file to pay your wait list deposit.
  5. You may choose to remain on the waiting list after January 26th by emailing us at [email protected]. If we do not find a stateroom for you by the day before sailing (February 3rd), you will be automatically refunded within 14 days after completing ShipRocked 2024.

ShipRocked 2024 Waiting List Terms & Conditions

You must accept and agree to the following terms and conditions prior to completing your ShipRocked 2024 Waiting List reservation:

The ShipRocked 2024 Waiting List priority is determined by and subject to the date and time deposits are submitted by guests.

By submitting a $150.00 non-refundable deposit, you will be prioritized for a stateroom which matches your requested category and occupancy, should one become available.

If a stateroom becomes available which matches the category and occupancy that you have requested before the close of business on Friday, January 26, 2024, and you are next on the Waiting List, we will notify you by both email and phone, to the address and numbers listed in your ASK4 Reservations Account Profile.

You will then have THREE (3) business days from the date of notification to contact ASK4 Reservations to secure and finalize your stateroom reservation by making the additional required deposits equal to the amount(s) required to be current per the Payment Terms contained within the Terms & Conditions for ShipRocked 2024. Your initial deposit of $150 will be credited towards the total balance of your reservation.

You may be offered a stateroom from anywhere within the price range of the category and occupancy you requested. For a complete list of stateroom pricing click here.

Your stateroom number will be assigned for you, subject to the best available stateroom at the time, once you have cleared the Waiting List and confirmed your reservation with the required payment(s).


Should you chose "First Available - Any Category", you are agreeing to accept any stateroom category that matches your selected occupancy should one come available.

Important: If you have chosen First Available and are offered a stateroom, you are obligated to accept the first category of stateroom that becomes available at the occupancy level you have requested. If you choose to not accept the stateroom that is offered, your deposit is forfeited. Upon the submission of a Waiting List deposit, you will NOT be able to change the type of cabin you originally signed up for on the Waiting List.


Any "Waiting List" guest(s) who are notified that a cabin becomes available, and who do NOT contact ASK4 Reservations within THREE (3) business days to accept the offer, will forfeit and surrender their $150.00 deposit. Should you decide to decline the offer, your deposit is non-refundable, as stated above.


Your waitlist deposit is non-refundable, unless we are unable to satisfy your requested stateroom category and occupancy by the close of business on Friday, January 26, 2024.

If you have not been offered a cabin by January 26th, you will automatically receive a refund to your credit card on file within 14-days of the completion of ShipRocked 2024

    If you choose to remain on the list after January 26th and we do not find a stateroom for you by the day prior to sailing (February 3rd), you will be automatically refunded within 14-days after the completion of ShipRocked 2024.

    Line-up Guarantee: All deposits and payments, including waitlist reservations, made prior to our initial artist lineup announcement are refundable (less a $75 per person administrative fee) for up to 14-days only, following the date of our initial artist lineup.