Carnival Victory

2018: A ShipRocked Odyssey


ShipRocked: the final frontier. For our 9th year’s mission, we’re taking over guardianship of the rock and roll galaxy with an interstellar voyage through the Caribbean Cosmos.  You and your musical Mission Crew will traverse the far, far away January 21-25, 2018, aboard the luxury starliner USS Carnival Liberty at impulse power (no need for ludicrous speed, this is a vacation after all) to the planet Nassau in the Bahamas System, then find sandquility base at Half Moon Cay to take one giant leap for ShipRockerkind!

Click below to read through your full mission briefing, and prepare to rock hard and vacation harder – May the ShipRocked be with you!

Mission Crew

ShipRocked’s artist lineup has the right stuff – the biggest, hardest, and loudest in the Universe!  Click here to find out who will be performing for you on board in January!

Intergalactic Cruiser

Your voyage into the expanse will board Carnival’s Liberty for 4-days of music, sun, and an infinity of fun! Check out all that this luxury mothership has to offer!

Strange New Worlds

Nassau and Half Moon Cay are packed with scenic planetscapes, and boast a menu of incredible away missions! Or, just take one small step to sand, and vacation hard!

Alien Encounters

Experience a number of artist hosted Events & Activities throughout your journey, and discover other worldly creatures during some outrageous Theme Nights!

Captain’s Log (more news)

Out Of This World Lineup Additions! 

New Mission Crew
We are excited to announce five more stellar artists for the lineup of Mission SR18!


Like A Storm
Adelitas Way

The Letter Black

The Stowaways
We found a few more out of this world musicians hiding out in the cargo bay who will be coming along for the ride!

ShipRocked 2018 Final Lineup

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Artist Lineup Announced

We are incredibly excited to announce the initial lineup of stellar artists for SR18! Even more Mission Crew will be boarding soon!

Cabin Booking Info
An infinity of information, including stateroom pricing and our convenient payment plan is available on our website now! Click here to browse the website for everything you need to know about Mission SR18 before you blast-off!
Pre-Booked […]

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Pre-Launch Schedule

We know you are all excited to learn which artists we have lined up for for Mission Crew on board SR18. We have been working very hard over the last few months to bring together many of the artists you’ve told us you want to see, and we can not wait to share the good news! However, […]

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SR18 Mission Website Launch

Greetings ShipRocked’onauts!
Welcome aboard the website for mission SR18! Spend a few minutes cruising through all of the pages for all the info you need to know before you blast off this January to rock hard and vacation harder!
Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you ever have any questions. This is your vacation and we are here to help in any […]

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Save The Date For ShipRocked 2018!

Incoming Transmission…
ShipRocked will blast off aboard the Carnival Liberty from Port Canaveral, FL, on a 4-day voyage, January 21-25, 2018, to Nassau & Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas System!
Stay tuned for more info soon from mission control!

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ShipRocked 2018 Pre-Sale Info

Thank You ShipRocked Family!
The SR Big Top may have closed up shop, and you may still be suffering from P.S.D. (Post ShipRocked Disorder), but take comfort in knowing that this tedious time on land shall pass soon enough, and we’ll be getting all the bands and booze (and Ralph) out of storage for the return of ShipRocked 2018!
Until then, we […]

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Mission Updates

Get the latest info about ShipRocked!

The Gift Shop

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