Missing Links with Mixed Drinks, listen up! The SR22 Pre-party Bar Crawl is happening so round up your traveling tribe and join ShipRockers en masse for a takeover of Downtown Galveston. We’re playing it fast & loose this year so, outside of our strong recommendation for y’all to form a herd of inflatable T-Rex costumes stampeding the streets, your pre-party night agenda is largely up to you, but we do have a few SR22 perks & incentives to help guide you on your journey through the Drunk Age. We’ll see you amongst the T.Rex mob downtown. Yabba, Dabba, Booze!


January 21, 2022
The official festivities and ShipRocked food and drink specials will kick-off at 7:30PM-CT.


The official ShipRocked tested and approved venues for the evening are below. *12-cent 1st draft beer, themed drinks, food specials and more are just some of the things you will receive:

111 23rd Street
(409) 497-4972

2110 Strand Street
(409) 497-4828

202 20th Street
(409) 443-5533

213-215 22nd Street
(409) 762-6167

2408 Strand Street
(409) 497-2945

* Drink and food specials will vary by venue *


Flash your shiny new SR22 app on your phone at each venue to score some ShipRocker only specials (7:30pm-10:30pm).


Incentives that’s what… Because we love your commitment to pre-ShipRocked partying, the first 50 ShipRockers to arrive at each venue, starting at 7:30PM-CT, will receive a special card giving you a $25.00 onboard credit (redeem cards at the SR Info Desk onboard). 

AND one of those cards at each venue will be specially marked with GOLDEN BONES and that lucky cardholder will be getting a SURPRISE GRAND PRIZE (Details revealed at the SR Info Desk onboard).


Because Galveston deserves a night to remember. And, what other important appointments you got for that Friday night?