Theme Nights Announced

Theme Nights are a favorite ShipRocked tradition, giving Survivors and Newbs the chance to let their freak flags fly! Whether you get into the spirit with a full costume, or adorn yourself with a few pieces of flair, or just enjoy epic people watching, our theme nights are always a blast!

The Dark Lord Skully consulted with the greatest 'minds' in artificial intelligence and horror to determine SR24's themes... Here they are! Be afraid. VERY afraid.

7 Deadly Sins

Dress the sin and party like a Sinnard. The hard part is choosing that one perfect outfit for the medley and magnitude of debauchery tonight. So spin your Bibles and embrace one (or more if you’re feeling extra) of the lucky seven that’ll keep you outta Heaven: Gluttony, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Pride, Sloth and Lust. In These Sins We Trust. For Your Souls We Pray.

Grimm Fairy Tales

Join us for an evening of unhappily ever after. Once upon a more sinister time, the Brothers Grimm folklore devoured Disney’s mouse stories of snore. So let’s turn back the clock 200+ years; hide your most beloved childhood storybooks, for tonight’s bedtime fables are twisted tales of dark magic and deception. To grandmother’s house, through the woods and into the heart of darkness, we go, where cannibalistic witches, stepson stew, robber bridegrooms, decapitation, eye-pecking doves, and more horror of yore await!

The Nightmare Before Carrie

Tonight we pay homage to two of the most iconic filmmakers by summoning their craziest and creepiest cinematic characters for a helluva party. Stephen King and Tim Burton live on opposite sides of the celluloid stylistically, with King's horror rooted in the dark macabre found hiding amidst the apple pie suburbs, vs the surreal unsettling dreamlike nightmares Burton weaves. At the core, Realism vs Fantasy is the Battle Royale, so place your bets and may the most shocking Carrie, Beetlejuice, Cujo, Pee Wee, Pennywise, or Scissorhands take the cursed crown.

Night Of The Rocking Dead

The Dead don’t die, they rock out until their limbs fall off! All you recently deceased, sweetly rotting, cannibal corpses, please form an orderly horde and drag your reanimated skinbags across the decks. Follow the sound of rock to the stage for a warm bodies buffet, followed by a brains-thirsty sing-a-long.

They Live

Someone call Rowdy Roddy Piper! It's actually happening! The nightmare that threatens all of humanity is here! They’re exterminating our species on land and we’re left to defend the seas, pitted against a hostile galaxy with nothing more than 3 rented drum kits, a metric ton of Fireball, and 527 Pantera t-shirts. It’s up to us to make a stand (if you still can) for all mankind. But let’s be practical ShipRockers, these extraterrestrial body snatchers have technologies beyond our comprehension. And we’re rockers, not fighters, our only chance at survival here is deception by disguise. So hurry, alienize yourself, and try to blend in!

Monster Mash

Creatures of the night, I summon thee to do your Dark Lord's bidding this witching evening. Slashers and Madmen, Blobs and Boogeyman, Cryptids and Crawlers, Demons and Doll Head Collectors, monsters of every decade, ghastly beasts shunned by society, come one, come all! Now is your time to emerge from the shadowy sewers and be invisible no more! The Great Immortal, Count Skullyula of Rockmania, commands the Villainous Awakening commence. This time the bad guys win. Innocent ShipRockers beware, the calls are coming from inside the boat!