Theme Nights Announced

Theme Nights are a favorite ShipRocked family tradition, giving both Survivors and Newbs the chance to let their freak flags fly! Whether you get into the spirit by dressing up in full costume, or a few simple items – and really you should, it’s a lot of fun – or just take in the epic people watching, theme nights are always a blast!

So how do theme nights work? Simply don your epic themed ensemble after dinner and strut your stuff throughout the night! We'll have our staff lurking about the ship looking for the best costumes each night for a chance to win one of our coveted "Shippy Awards" following the cruise.

Here are your Theme Nights for SR20!


We love Gooooold! The look of it, the taste of it, the smell of it! C-3PO had it right... All that glitters is gold! On our first night of the cruise, you've got the golden ticket! So get out those giant 80s gold chains, put on your best sequined disco dress, or channel your inner Goldmember and lamé yourself from head to toe in beautiful, bright and bold Gold! Gold! Gold!


Never forget, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s all about how you look when you play the game! The Sports Ball Championship is on the 2nd night of the cruise and we want you to dress like an MVP! Whether you’re in the starting line-up, the water boy or on the spirit squad, you know the drill: suit up in your uniform of choice and take the field, or deck, or something. Just get out there and strut your winning stuff!


3 is a magic number! Yes it is! Amigos Assemble! As we sail 3 sheets into the wind during our 3rd night of the cruise, join us for a 3-some Freesome-for-all! We wanna see all the obvious power trios represented: Bee Gees, Charlie's Angels, Musketeers, Stooges, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Snap, Crackle and Pop. 3’s Company, so get creative and blow our minds with your best costumed 3-of-a-Kind!


The time has come for you to let the locals know you’re here to vacation harder, and you’re packin’ sunscreen! Slather on that Zinc like war paint, refer to your map for directions - NEVER ask - tighten up your fanny pack and get ready to let loose like it’s a 1990 Myrtle Beach family reunion. Tacky Hawaiian shirts, Panama hats, sandals with socks, and anything else obnoxiously laid back that screams “Which way to the buffet?”. Don’t worry, what you wear on vacation, stays on vacation!


We’ll be summoning the French Quarter to the sea with a proper Fais do-do on the final night of SR20! Parade throughout the ship in your finest Mardi purple, green and gold, or conjure the spirits of music, mysticism and macabre with your Voodoo Krewes. However you and your fellow creole creatures of the night chose to celebrate, just remember to bring plenty of beads mes amis!