Theme Nights Announced

Theme Nights are a favorite ShipRocked tradition, giving both Survivors and Newbs the chance to let their freak flags fly! Whether you get into the spirit with a full costume or adorn yourself with a few simple items theme, nights are always a blast!

Sunday, May 09

Tonight is the night for Top Shelf fashions and we’ll never cut you off! Bottoms up as the Captain, a Clydesdale, Mr. Tito, a Grey Goose, whatever a Jäger is, juice box or Señor Jose. Or for you non-drinkers, a little Shirley will do ya... Dress thirsty my friends!

Monday, May 10

Allow my lovely assistant with a sleight of hand to hocus pocus and abracadabra us into an evening of otherworldly Magic! Bewitch us wizards, warlocks, muggles, white rabbits, elves, and all manner of wand-bearers, soothsayers & spell conjurers.

Tuesday, May 11

Dear Mom and Dad... Camp ShipRocked '84 is totally rad! Send more hair spray, headbands and tube socks. Been playing lotsa kickball, and headbangin' to some bodacious metal, it’s so bitchin'!

Wednesday, May 12

Swap your headbanging for bootlegging at the ShipRocked Speakeasy. Flappers, dapper mobsters, and moonshiners let’s rock in the law-flaunting roaring ’20s. Yes, Prohibition was tough but you could pack in a dozen of your friends in a 6-foot radius to swing like a silent movie star!

Thursday, May 13

Cave dwellers, dare we Yabba Dabba Do it like the dinosaurs? Grab your favorite animal skin/pelt and stone aged accessories because tonight we’re going to invent the wheel and party like it’s 19,999,999,999,999,999,999 BC!