ShipRocked 1.01

Watch on Facebook Live Monday, June 14th, at 7:00 PM-ET

Attention Class! Beginner to Expert ShipRocker student attendance is strongly recommended for SR101 tonight at 7:00 PM-ET so grab a desk, and while you scrawl SLAYER on it, listen and learn as the lovely ladies of ASK4 Reservations give you the run-down on Everything You Need to Know About ShipRocked. From the basics of booking and Carnival Breeze ship secrets to recommendations on the best local haunts in Cozumel and the cautionary tale of Bad News Billy, it's an essential seminar for Newbs and a great refresher course for Survivors. 

Our hosts (plus some of our very own SR22 freshman & seniors) will also be taking questions, live and in advance, so submit your questions early by clicking below or emailing us at