Hot as Hell Sauce Taste Test

As you know, ShipRocked likes it hot so, to kick off the official start of summer, we're gonna test which hot sauces of rock deliver the burn. We've assembled a star-studded Scoville Scale worthy lineup of fire-breathing condiments so masks off, we're having a wingding and it's gonna be hot as hell!

Join us to watch, learn and cringe as our judging panel of Hot Ones - ASK4's Justin Press, Al McManus and Jennifer Zito plus special guest rocker Matt James - get the meat sweats and cry  saucy tears in pursuit of the Ultimate ShipRocked Hot Sauce of Summer!


Adding some rock power to our panel of heatseekers tonight is Special Guest Judge, Blacktop Mojo frontman and ShipRocker favorite, Matt James!

Meet the Heat! The taste test will feature a star-studded Scoville Scale-worthy lineup of fire-breathing condiments featuring Jonny Hetherington Essentials, Dexter Holland's Gringo Bandito, Bumblefoot's BumbledF*cked, Mad Anthony from Van Halen's Michael Anthony, Billy Gibbon's Beez + Teez and more!