Beaucoups To Do

In addition to everything your floating luxury resort has to offer – spa, casino, fitness center, mini-golf, gift-shops, waterslide, pools and hot-tubs – the ShipRocked experience includes a full slate of artist hosted events, contests, games and other wet and wild activities for you to enjoy while you rock hard and vacation harder! 

The complete onboard schedule of events and activities can be viewed and downloaded from your SR20 Survival Guide by clicking here.

Artist Q&A

Join a who’s who from SR20’s artist and Stowaways lineup to get insights, secrets and road tales during this intimate Q&A session.

Beach Wars

Join us at Playa Mia in Cozumel for our signature beach brawl! Four Artist Captains will select their teams at random at Playa Mia, and the winners get beach bragging rights the rest of the cruise. Also, beer.

Casino Tournaments

Calling high rollers and slot slingers! Take some of that Black Magic mojo to the casino and roll the dice for Saint Expedite for beaucoup cash during our Slots and Blackjack Tournaments! Signup at the ShipRocked Help Desk on board.


Get blotto on Bloodys and Beer, then play to win cash and prizes! Remember, what you can’t remember happened at Bingo, stays at Bingo! You can purchase your cards at the venues 30 min prior.

Captain's Quarters

Ever wanted to know what it takes to plan this little booze cruise? Join The Captain and members of the ASK4 crew for a behind the scenes look at how all this ship works!

Charity Auction

We’ll have an amazing assortment of music memorabilia from our performers and a bunch of other cool stuff up for bids during our very lively charity auction, benefiting Cancer Sucks!

Deck Wars

We’ve got 4 Artist Captains rounding up the Best of the Deck to do battle in this 3-round challenge of speed, strength & strategy, but mostly silliness, on the Sport Court.

Drunk Spelling Bee

Relive your 6th Grade Glory but as an adult... with shots! Have a few or 20 drinks, and try to spell redikulus words without cheating. Participation is limited, and players will be selected at random at the event.

Flip Cup Tournament

You flip, I flip, we all flip! A relay drinking game testing dexterity, timing and endurance. Also, beer, solo cups and flippers. Up to 32 teams of 6 can play, so round up your cuppers and Signup at the ShipRocked Help Desk to play.

Live Band Karaoke

The legendary Skankbanger will be on hand to kold krush it with a mix of killer kovers and krazy live band karaoke! Fear not Karaoke Machine Marauders, we've got some regular karaoke planed for you also!

Messy Twister

Out-twist opponents and get tied up in knots, but because it’s ShipRocked we gotta go mess it up a notch! Last one standing, covered in colored shaving cream, wins! Signup at the ShipRocked Help Desk on board.

Midnight Movie: Heavy Metal

Rotten Tomatoes calls it sexist, juvenile, and dated. We call it... Heavy! Metal! Take a ride, ride, ride and watch this kick ass 1981 sci-fi cult classic!

Newlyband Game

New(ish) bands will face off with a series of revealing questions to determine how well they really know each other, and find out who makes “whoopee” in the back of the van!

Touchdown Celebration Contest

Think you got what it takes to win the TD celebration crown? Come on down and show us your creative celebration choreography and help build the hype before the big game! Signup at the ShipRocked Help Desk on board.

The Quest

Taking the beloved childhood game of a scavenger hunt and spinning into an Adults only R-rated after-hours team event? Oh yes ShipRocked, we GET you.

Yoga Yoga Yoga!

Need some downward facing dog to clear your minds and get your body ready to rock? Limited yoga mats available, so bring along a beach towel just in case!