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Theme Nights Announced

Theme Nights

Theme Nights have been announced, and here are the details so you can plan your Mission SR18 Uniforms accordingly:


Stardate: Sunday • 21.1.18 (day)
We’re on a mission to locate the unknown origins of the Mission SR18 ShipRocked Crew. Outer clothing clearly identifying your home base location coordinates: base, hometown, domicile, regional team of sport, all are vital to initiating social interaction prior to final Day One preparations and launch.


Stardate: Sunday • 21.1.18 (night)
Night One, and the SR18 shipcraft will be moving through space at an increasingly rapid pace. Do you feel your brains going to your feet yet?! The only solution is… more faster! Ludicrous Speed! Do you feel it now ShipRockers? We’ve Officially Gone To Plaid! Embrace the pattern! Clash like a Titan! May the flannel be with you!


Stardate: Monday • 22.1.18
Travel through space-time Back 2 the Future for a Retro Prom night. The 80s are back but turbo-charged into the dystopian future. Think Lady Gaga meets Robocop, Breakfast Club meets Bladerunner, metallic cummerbunds + neon cyberpunk chiffon! You say you want a neolution? Ready your corsage and spike the punch!


Stardate: Tuesday • 23.1.18
We love it when a Team comes together! So here’s the plan… Tonight is ShipRockers Choice. We’re giving you the chance to blow our minds themetastically with a freestyle free-for-all. Combine forces with Teams of 4 or more to assemble the most epic group costumes of ShipRocked-time!


Stardate: Wednesday • 24.1.18
Here’s your chance, do your dance, at the Space Jam! Come as your favorite Space Oddity and mosey on over after you’re done getting Tatooined to join us at The Cantina. A Far Out gathering of Peace, Love & Intergalactic intermingling, all species are welcome to rock the Cosmos into the Black Hole of night.

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