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SRX Trail Guide & Full Schedule!

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SRX Trail Guide

Ridin’ across the untamed frontier can be challengin’ for many, whether yer a tenderfoot or a hardened SR Cowboy! So we here at the ASK4 Corral have created a handy Trail Guide with all the important info you’ll need to know before we get to commencin’ with the SRX including our Onboard Schedule! Be sure y’all read through everythin’ so yer ready to mount up when you get down yonder to the Great State of Texas!

SRX Mobile App

Be sure to download the ShipRocked Mobile App from the Apple Store and Google Play to track all the exciting things happening onboard, and get schedule updates as they happen! From dining options and times, to the music and events schedule – get fast access to everything that’s rockin’ during the cruise!

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