Carnival Victory

SR19 On-Sale Dates Announced

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ShipRockers, Mount Up!

In this world there’s two kinds of people: Those who rock, and them that stay on the dock. ShipRockers are the first kind. The kind of folk we want in the saddle for SRX: The Good, The Bad and The Skully.

Rockin’ hard and vacationing harder is the law in these parts. So roust yer posse, grab yer hats and holster that beer (for now). Come January there’s gonna be some abiding’ to do on board ShipRocked!

Hootenanny At Sea

When we say we’re goin’ big for our 10th journey together, you can bet your six-gun totin’ chaps that ain’t no bluff! We’re headed west to where everything is bigger: The Great State of Texas!

We aim to ride for 5-days and nights, January 26-31, 2019 from Galveston down Mexico way. There’s gonna be gamblin’, frontier women, booze galore and bands of outlaws rockin’ the doors off the saloons from high noon to the mornin’ light!

Explore The Frontier

We’ll be making camp in both Cozumel and Yucatán, Mexico for some excursion and prospectin! Or who knows, we might just kick back the saddle under a shade tree, and vacation our chaps off!

Luxury Iron Horse

The Carnival Valor will take us from the Wild West down to Mexico. She features a ship-ton of grub, saloons, fancy sleeper accommodations, a spa, casino, and multiple swimmin’ holes. You and your ridin’ partners will have a frontier of options to keep you pampered and primed to party all week long!

Bands Of Outlaws

Now Wait Just A Minute! What In Tarnation?! Where Is The Damn Lineup?!

Hold your horses buckaroos, and fear not, the lineup is coming #SOON! We are workin’ hard to wrangle up the biggest, baddest artist lineup to rock the seas. However, seein’ that this here wagon train is gonna be a day longer, and naturally require a bit more tin, y’all deserve as much time as possible to make your payments so it’s easier on your homesteads!

Lineup Guarantee

Our Lineup Guarantee is in place for those of you who are ready to book now, before we announce the initial lineup, so that you can lock in the cabin of your choice and start making payments as early as possble:

All pre-sale deposits and payments, as well as all general reservation deposits and payments which are made prior to the initial artist lineup announcement, will be refundable for up to 14-days following the initial artist lineup announcement. Click here for more info.

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