Carnival Victory

Thank You ShipRocked Family!

The SR Big Top may have closed up shop, and you may still be suffering from P.S.D. (Post ShipRocked Disorder), but take comfort in knowing that this tedious time on land shall pass soon enough, and we’ll be getting all the bands and booze (and Ralph) out of storage for the return of ShipRocked 2018!

Until then, we recommend at least two drinks by sunset as needed, weekly pizza buffets, and 5-105 minutes of unbridled headbanging a day. We’ve heard about these things called fruits and vegetables too, but can’t wholly endorse them in favor of the above mentioned regime. But fear not, as SR18 will be here before you know it, and return you all to good health!

Everyone at ASK4 Entertainment would like to say THANK YOU for sailing with us! Make no mistake, ShipRocked is the singular experience it is today because of YOU! And like you, we can’t wait to do it all over again!

ShipRocked 2018 Presale Info!

Presale bookings for ShipRocked 2018 will re-open for both Survivors (alumni) and the general public on Tuesday, February 7th, at 12:00pm-ET.

Pre-booking early with a single deposit of $200, will give you the best booking time possible when cabin selection begins later in the spring. But you MUST have an ASK4 Reservations account! Click here or below for complete information on setting up your ASK4 account and for pre-booking for SR18!

Please Note: If you pre-booked for ShipRocked 2018 on board SR17, you do NOT need to submit another pre-book deposit.


 February 3, 2017