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How To Book: During Presale

Presale Booking Instructions

If you are registered for the presale, you will receive an email with your access token (or code), and earliest booking date and time. You will have the opportunity to book a cabin at any time after your earliest booking date and time, subject to remaining inventory, unless and until the cruise sells out.

If you will be sharing a cabin with another guest who also signed up for the presale, please note that only ONE access token is required to login and complete a stateroom reservation. Communicate with your cabinmate(s) to determine who will log in using their token to make the reservation. Pro Tip: whoever has the earlier booking date/time should make the reservation!

VERY IMPORTANT:  Having an earliest booking date/time during the presale DOES NOT GUARANTEE that staterooms will still be available to reserve when it’s your time to book. All cabins are sold on a first come first serve basis. It is your responsibility to access the reservations system after your earliest booking date and time, or you risk not being able to secure a reservation.

We hope to accommodate as many guests as possible to be a part of the ShipRocked experience. Should the cruise sell out before it’s your time to book, we will create a separate priority waiting list for those who are still interested in sailing. If you are unable to book a cabin, you will NOT be automatically added to the waiting list, but instead will need to join the waiting list separately. Wait list info will be made available upon the cruise selling out.

Login to ASK4 Reservations

Login to ASK4 Reservations using your ASK4 Username and Password, and Access Token.  If you have forgotten your ASK4 Reservations username and/or password, DO NOT register for a new ASK4 account, or you risk not being able to select your cabin early, and risk losing your sailing history. You may retrieve your username and/or password by clicking here and following the instructions. If are still unable to retrieve your account information, you may click here to contact us for assistance.

Select Your Cabin

Select the number of guests that will occupy your stateroom. Then select which category of cabin you’d like to reserve, and select your specific cabin for the cruise. Please note that only staterooms accommodating the number of guests you selected will be shown. If you need to book an ADA Accessible stateroom, or would like to request a connecting stateroom, please call us at 888-402-2754.

Fill Your Cabin

The guest who redeems their access token and makes the reservation is considered the “Lead Guest”, and is the “owner” of that reservation.  The Lead Guest is ultimately responsible for completing the required reservation information for others in the cabin, and the Lead Guest is ultimately responsible and held accountable for making sure that all required deposits and reservation payments are kept current (see Assign Financial Responsibility below).

If your cabinmates have shared a cabin with you on a prior cruise, you will be able to select their name from a pull-down list of your prior cabinmates during the booking process to auto-fill their personal contact information.

If your cabinmates have NOT shared a cabin with you on a previous cruise, but already have an ASK4 Reservations account, you will be able to locate their information by searching for their First & Last Names and E-Mail address in their ASK4 profile (must match all three fields in their accounts).

If your cabinmates are new to ShipRocked, they will need to create a new ASK4 Reservations Account BEFORE you add them to your cabin. After registering, they will receive an email with their new ASK4 User Name for future log in.  At that point you will be able to locate them in our system.

Assign Financial Responsibility / Making Deposits

During the reservation process you will have the opportunity to assign financial responsibility (split the required deposits and payments) to any other guests sharing your cabin. Please note that EACH guest in the cabin with  financial responsibility MUST have their own ASK4 Reservations Account set up PRIOR to booking.

If the deposit payments required for the reservation (based on the occupancy of the cabin selected) will be made by the Lead Guest on behalf of the other guests in the cabin using multiple credit cards, the Lead Guest must have the credit card number, expiration date, card verification code (CVV number), card holder name and billing address for each paying guest.

If deposit payments for the additional guests in a cabin will be made individually by those guests, it is the Lead Guest’s responsibility to ensure that the FULL DEPOSIT AMOUNT required for the reservation IS PAID WITHIN 24 HOURS OF BOOKING in order for that reservation to be officially confirmed. 

If the required deposits for a reservation have not been paid within 24 hours of booking, ASK4 reserves the right to discard that reservation in its entirety, refund any guests who have submitted deposits, and require that the Lead Guest begin a new reservation. 

Non-Lead Guests:  ONLY the lead passenger can add, remove and change guests. We strongly suggest purchasing travel insurance to protect your trip investment.