Carnival Victory

FAQ • Experience

All of our artists plan to join you for the full cruise. However, there may be some cases where an artist needs to join us during the cruise or depart early due to a scheduling conflict or other personal commitment.

Most of our artists are scheduled to perform two shows each during the cruise.

Guests will have the opportunity to see all of our artists perform at least once, and in many cases will be able to see artists perform twice. Similar to a festival, performances will take place on multiple stages throuought the ship at varying times, with some performances taking place in venues where capacity is limited. Reserved seating/areas will be available for VIP Guests, otherwise all shows are general admission.

Concerts will take place throughout the ship on multiple stages from the time you get on until you get off! We’ll post the complete jam-packed schedule a few weeks prior to the cruise… so stay tuned!

There will be multiple photo-only meet and greets scheduled throughout the cruise, with most of our performers participating. ShipRocked’s photographers will be taking all of the meet and greet photos for you, and the photos will be posted on our Facebook and Flickr pages following the cruise. Lines for each meet and greet session will start to form 30-minutes prior to each session. Please note that due to the number of ShipRocked performers and guests, lines may need to be cut, subject to the limited time available. Additionally, artists will not be able to sign autographs during the meet and greet sessions.

One of the best things about ShipRocked (besides the insanely great live performances) is the opportunity to see and interact with your favorite artists in such a unique environment. Throughout the cruise we’ll have a number of interactive Events and Activities and wild Theme Nights. Past cruises have included photo meet and greets, Q&A sessions, drum and guitar clinics, wine tastings, contests, game shows and more!

Guests are permitted to take personal photos using fixed-lens cameras everywhere onboard the cruise. However, please refrain from flash photography in all indoor concert venues. The use of detachable lens cameras (DSLR, other professional cameras, etc.), tablets (iPads, etc.), camera and video sticks, and any video or audio recording devices, will not be permitted during shows. Remote controlled photo/video drones are strictly prohibited.

We request all guests be respectful of our performers’ personal space and time between shows, and refrain from photo/autograph requests. They, like you, have been invited onboard to relax and enjoy themselves with their friends and family, during their vacation time on the cruise. We will have several photo meet and greets with the artists scheduled for the opportunity to have your photo taken with them. We, and they, appreciate your cooperation!

Yes. A Variety of ShipRocked event merchandise, as well as merchandise from our performers will be available onboard in multiple locations. Merchandise may be purchased using your personal credit card or cash. You will not be able to purchase merchandise using your onboard spending account.

ShipRocked: the final frontier. For our 9th year’s mission, we’re taking over guardianship of the rock and roll galaxy with an interstellar voyage through the Caribbean Cosmos.  You and your musical Mission Crew will traverse the far, far away January 21-25, 2018, aboard the luxury starliner USS Carnival Liberty at impulse power (no need for ludicrous speed, this is a vacation after all) to the planet Nassau in the Bahamas System, then find sandquility base at Half Moon Cay to take one giant leap for ShipRockerkind!

Click below to read through your full mission briefing, and prepare to rock hard and vacation harder – May the ShipRocked be with you!

All of our artists plan to join you for the full cruise. However, there may be some cases where a performer needs to depart early or join us sometime during the cruise due to a scheduling conflict or other personal commitment.

ShipRocked does not accept ‘unsolicited material’ from artists and bands. We will always be researching and looking for new talent, but this will be done internally and not accepted from outside sources. Thank you for your understanding.