Carnival Victory

Pre-Launch Schedule

We know you are all excited to learn which artists we have lined up for for Mission Crew on board SR18. We have been working very hard over the last few months to bring together many of the artists you’ve told us you want to see, and we can not wait to share the good news! However, we still have a few more i’s to dot and t’s to cross before we can announce.

We also know that many of you who pre-booked are eager to select your cabins and begin making payments. So we have decided to go ahead and launch the cabin selection process this week.

Those of you who are pre-booked will recieve your unique booking token TOMORROW, along with your earliest booking date and time. Cabin selection will then begin on Thursday at 12:00pm-ET.

As many of you may know, we do have a lineup guarantee in place, which allows all pre-booked guests to cancel their reservation for a refund (less a nominal administrative fee), up to 14 days after the initial lineup is released. We’re optimistic that we’ll be able to announce the artist lineup by early next week, if not sooner, and we are even more optimistic that you won’t want to cancel once you’ve seen the lineup!

Thank you all for your patience, but we’re confident it will have been worth the wait!

Cabin Booking Info

An infinity of information, including stateroom pricing and our convenient payment plan is available on our website now! Click here to browse the website for everything you need to know about Mission SR18 before we blast-off!

Pre-Booked Guests Only

Cabin selection will begin Thursday, June 15th at 12:00pm-ET. If you are pre-booked, you will be receiving an additional email TOMORROW, June 13th, with your unique booking token and your earliest booking date and time, as well as complete instructions on how to select your cabin and complete your reservation!

Public On-Sale

Shortly after the announcement of our initial artist lineup for Mission SR18, all remaining cabins will be released for sale to the general public.

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