Carnival Victory

Theme Nights are a favorite ShipRocked family tradition, giving both Survivors and Newbs the chance to let their freak flags fly!  Whether you get into the spirit by dressing up – and really you should, it’s a lot of fun – or just take in some epic people watching, theme nights are always a blast!

Embarkation - ShipRocked Things

ShipRocked Things

It’s finally time to leave The Upside Down of the real world behind, so you can rock hard and vacation harder together! So get suited up, and let’s ship out! Newbs and Survivors alike, as you board the ship, we want you to show us your ShipRocked spirit by creating some inspired DIY group swag, or simply don that old school gear from your SR wardrobe of yesteryear! This is the day to wear it bright and loud, and ShipRocked proud. Rah Rah Rah Rock!

Monday Night - Red Is The New Black

Red Is The New Black

If we’re doing our job right ShipRockers, you’ll be burnt and/or drunk as the sun goes down on night #1. So with apologies to Wesley Snipes, we’re going all in on RED! Red is the color of Power, the Solo Cup and STOP. All the greatest heroes of our time donned red. The Kool-Aid guy, Santa Claus, Bozo, Elmo, The Baron, Dorothy, Manchester United, that one Angry Bird… the list goes on and on. Pay tribute to your favorite Red by piling on as much of the crimson as you can handle.* Up the ante, get creative, whatever your red little heart desires! Just remember the Redder The Better.

*Note: maroon, chartreuse, scarlet, wine and rouge (for you fancy Europeans) tones are also acceptable. Blood orange and salmon, however, will be turned away at the door. Have some respect people, you’re not on a disco cruise.

Tuesday - Game Of ShipRockers

Game Of ShipRockers

Here Ye! Here Ye! Winter is coming and thee must prepareth. House ShipRocked, the Lord & Protector of the mighty Victory Kingdom at Sea, cordially invite thee to an evening of merriment, fantasy and endless steins of mead! Tis a party for the finest fashion of the Seven Kingdoms, with pieces of gold awarded to those who’ve come to claim the throne. Ladies of the Court, Handmaidens, Knights of the Round Table and the Knights Who Say Ni, will mingle with Ogres, Bridge Trolls, Shrubbers, Dragons and more. But beware of White Walkers, and the Prince Ralph Humperdink. It shall be a celebration for Medieval Times that would make even the Red Wedding blush!

Wednesday - The Rocking Dead

The Rocking Dead

Channel your favorite rock stars of the past, who have moved on to play that great stage in the sky…undead or in their living glory! It’s a Dead Carpet Affair and the dress code is strictly VIP-RIPs: King Elvis & Queen Freddie, Prince, Whitney, Winehouse, the Thin White Duke and The King of Pop, The 27 Club wouldn’t miss a good party, and Lemmy, Dimebag & Randy Rhoads will be holding court with Sid Vicious carrying their beers! The Stowaways will even help us raise the dead during a special tribute set so the rock legends of late can be heard again. Sail! Sail! Rock ’N’ Roll!

Thursday - Circus Shiptacular

Circus Shiptacular!

Lady and Gentleman Rockers! Come one, come all, come tall and come small, step up, and step in under the ShipRocked Big-Top during the final night of our rockin’ revue! Witness the Acrobats, Trapeze Artists, Lion Tamers, Trained Animals, Jugglers, Magicians, Mimes, and Clowns Clowns wonderful Clowns! Or if the strange and bizarre are your particular pleasure, marvel at the Fantastic Freaks and Human Oddities, Alive and In-Person at most stupendous sideshow at sea! The Bearded Lady, Siamese Twins, Elephant Man, Amazing Amazon, Dog Faced Boy, Fortune Tellers and more! You won’t believe your eyes!