Carnival Victory

Events & Activities

In addition to everything your luxury iron-horse has to offer – spa, casino, fitness center, mini-golf, gift-shops, waterslide, pools and hot-tubs – the ShipRocked experience includes a full slate of artist hosted events, contests, games and other wet and wild activities for you to enjoy while you rock hard and vacation harder!  As we get closer to sailing check back here to find out everything your SR19 Hootenanny has to offer!

Night At The Movies

“Loud Krazy Love” with Brian Head Welch

Stowaway Brian “Head” Welch will join you on board to host a special screening of his new documentary film Loud Krazy Love, and take your questions after the movie!

“I am so excited to be back on ShipRocked for the 10 year anniversary and to host a special screening of my new film. Watching the movie together with my friends in other bands and ShipRockers is going to be amazing, as they will all relate to the wild rollercoaster ride of life in the rock ’n roll world.” – Head

Artist Q&A

Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, Jonny Hawkins of Nothing More, Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies, Chris Motionless of Motionless In White, and Jesse Hasek of 10 Years… Hosted by Kayla Riley

Here’s your chance to get insights, secrets and road tales from your favorite bands onboard during this intimate Q&A session. (artists subject to change)

Beer Pong

Hosted by Badflower

Free beer and balls… Need we say more? Come early to make sure your team makes the bracket and prepare to Pong Strong. Signup onboard at the Town Hall (SR Support Desk)

Belly Flop

Judges:  Brian Posehn, David Ellefson & Frank Bello

Get ready to Stop, Drop and Flop your way to Belly Victory! Artist outlaws will be on hand to judge you, award the winner with a winter’s ration, and put the losers out to pasture! Signup onboard at Town Hall

Blackjack & Slot Tournaments

All you high rollers and slot slingers can get in on the casino action with a few SRX rockstars to go all-in for boatloads of cash during our Blackjack and Slots tournaments! Signup onboard at the Town Hall.

Beach Wars

Team Captains: Nonpoint

Win or Lose, you booze! The winning team will get beach bragging rights the rest of the cruise. Join us at Playa Mia in Cozumel for this signature SRX competition!

  • Swimming of the Bulls
  • Stick Horse relay race
  • Giant Tug-O-War

Deck Wars

Team Captains:  Wilson

A band of SRX outlaws want you to join their gang for 3-rounds of rabblerousin’ on the deck. 

  • Slinky Elvis relay race
  • Tin Can Target Practice
  • High Noon Showdown

Blindfold Musical Chairs

Hosted by Them Evils

The event name pretty much says it all. Fun to play and even funner to come and watch the blind grasping at chairs, each other, and the floor! Sign up onboard at the Town Hall.

Bloodys, Beer & Bingo

Come get blotto on Bloodys and Beer, play & win cash prizes! We’ll even give you a little help… a FREE SPACE goes to that person in the black shirt. If you’ve seen one, dab that square!  And remember, what you can’t remember happened at Bingo, stays at Bingo!

Captain’s Quarters

The Sheriff’s in town to settle in and jaw with all y’all. Mosey on down to hear some hard-nosed Cowboy Wisdom and the secrets of keeping law & order in this here Outlaw Outpost they call ShipRocked.

The Feud

Papa Roach vs. I Prevail

Survey says the Hatfields vs McCoys ain’t got nothin on our lewd feud! Guests will be chosen at random by band family captains to face-off live and see who really knows their ship!

Frontier Yoga

Sun & Tues:  Ayngel McNall
Mon & Wed:  Ryan Patrick of Otherwise

That horse ain’t gonna mount itself. Work on your frontier flexibility and reach a cowboy zen state of mind by breakfast time so you’re ready to ride!


ShipRocked Karaoke, making you a rockstar for 3-5 minutes at a time since 2009. Karaoke brings out the best combination known to Man… people who shouldn’t drink and people who shouldn’t sing. ShipRocked Karaoke, we’ll let anyone do it!

Love & Marriage

With Lajon & Ashley Witherspoon

Love & Marriage On The Rocks. Watch our special ShipRocked spin on “The Newlywed Game” as we see just how well band and guest couples really know each other.

Name That Sound

Are you quicker to the musical draw than Shazam? Then prove your audible genius on Name that Tune where our chosen guest contestants will be challenged to name songs with a little bit of information and just a few notes of that song.

Thriller Dance Class

Hosted by Leo Moracchioli & CJ Pierce

It’s close to midnight, Something evil’s lurking from the dark. Under the moonlight, You see a sight that almost stops your heart… ShipRockers slinking around like MJ to a killer Thriller. Sign up onboard at Town Hall (SR Support Desk) to take the dance class, learn the choreography, FILM A VIDEO WITH LEO FOR HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL, and confuse the hell out of the mosh pit as your troupe slinks in with your sexy routine! 

Singles Mingle

Nothing is sadder than a lonely horse roaming around unsaddled so dust off your dancing shoes and come find a partner to Giddy up with for the night.

The Quest

Taking the beloved childhood game of a scavenger hunt and spinning into an Adults only X-rated after-hours team event? Oh yes ShipRocked, we just get you.