Carnival Victory

Contest Details

Attention DrinkRockers, we’re looking for a signature drink to christen our SR17 voyage, and we think the best way to do that is to go directly to the experts – you!  So we’re having a mixology contest to find the perfect ShipRocktail to take us from drinking to drunkard on board the boat!

Submit your favorite, most creative, potent drink recipes, and don’t forget to give it a catchy name worthy of being served alongside other libation legends like Fuzzy Navel, Sex on the Beach, Bloody Mary and the White Russian.

After we’ve received your entries, the Captain & his crew will undertake the grueling, thankless task of drinking all day long until they find the best 5 semi-finalists, based on each recipe’s creativity, flavor, and drink name.

Those lucky 5 drinks chosen will then undergo one final rigorous round as the ASK4 team and ShipRocked’s resident sweethearts, The Dead Deads, will sample the finalists, live streaming, and select the winner!

Finally, everyone will get to judge the winning concoction for themselves, as we’ll be serving the ShipRocked 2017 signature drink onboard the cruise all week long!

Grand Prize

In addition to the glory and admiration from your friends and peers, the guest with the winning recipe will receive $100 in onboard credit, so you can buy your drink for free!

UPDATE: Winners Announced!

Congratulations to Survivor Miranda P. from Illinois, gave us some Sympathy Sex – the drink!  Which was soon followed by one hell of a Caribbean Concussion, courtesy of first time guest Arric M. of New Hampshire!

You can check out the live stream of our taste test with The Dead Deads by clicking here. And if you’d like to sample the winning libations, the recipes are below!

Sympathy Sex
1oz vodka
.5 oz midori
.5 oz triple sec
4 oz tropical juice eg mango etc
Hurricane glass
Cherry garnish

Caribbean Concussion
1oz spiced rum
1oz coconut rum
4oz lemonade
Splash of cran
Rocks glass
Lime garnish

Cocktail Creation Contest